Area features:

Al-Narjis neighborhood is distinguished by its geometric division and its wonderful architectural designs in a distinctive western style, which is why it is superior to other Fifth Settlement neighborhoods.
Where Al Narges was divided into 8 areas, including two types of residential units, one of which includes Al Narges neighborhood, the villas of the Fifth Settlement, consisting of two duplicate floors and a ground floor, and it enjoys all the facilities and services of the villa, as the areas of the apartments in the villas are larger because they exploit the entire land area, which made apartments for sale In the villas of the Fifth Settlement, Al Narges neighborhood, the appropriate choice for families and families with large numbers
The neighborhood is characterized by the abundance of green spaces and the diversity of open gardens, which made the neighborhood an attractive destination for housing and investment.
* Al-Narges 1, the Fifth Settlement, attracts many individuals as it is located next to the Social Club, as it mediates entertainment services from all directions, and there is a private school close to the residential units, that wonderful feature that attracts families and newlyweds
*Al Narjis 2 area contains a number of schools and health and social centers, which makes the demand for them constantly increasing, especially by families and families
* As for areas 3, 4, 5, and 7 in Al Narges neighborhood, they are distinguished by their proximity to all services available in the neighborhood.
* Neighborhoods 6 and 8 are somewhat far from the service area
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Basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and roof rooms

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